Sirius radio updating channels 0 Free adult web cam chat lines

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This is for those of you looking to activate your Sirius/XM subscription after the free trial ends.I had some UI related difficulty activating my XM subscription for my MS.I'm having exactly the same problem, but the steering wheel strategy didn't work.

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The displaying the radio ID on channel 0 and the phone number on channel 1 is XM's protocol for how it works, Tesla probably just had to adhere to it.

@stevenmaifert: My experience with audio quality has been (from better to worse): CD HD radio Internet (Spotify, Pandora, Slacker) set to a high bitrate FM cassette tape AM Sirius/XM I don't plan to active XM on my Tesla, as I find Sirius on my current car unlistenable for music. XM-5 was launched on October 14, 2010." ( With XM, the programming is what makes it a premium service.

Then enter your Radio ID at or call 1-888-539-7474 and request a resend.

It may take a few minutes before the activation signal is processed.

From the sound, I'd say the bitrate is maybe 30 kbps. IMO it is far better than what I have seen on Slacker, Pandora, or Sonic Tap (on Direc TV). I listen to Deep Tracks, Classic Vinyl (from R & R Hall of Fame), 60's on 6, spectrum, and Lithium.

Sirius radio updating channels 0

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