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Check out the Preceptor Education and Support website at: Clinical Placement Agreement Saskatchewan health authorities and post-secondary institutions have recently updated the provincial clinical placement agreement that oversees practice education placements for all health science students. Click the links below to view the new template and corresponding confidentiality agreement.

Roofer apprenticeship training is designed so apprentices don’t have to leave the workplace.

Technical training, delivered by Prairie Arctic Trades Training Centre, is completed through distance learning and by demonstrating competencies on the worksite.

If your ticket does not have an amount indicated, you or a person you have asked to speak for you must appear in court to deal with your ticket.

Your options are explained on either the back or along the right hand side of your offence notice or summons.

If you do not pay the ticket or attend on the court date, a judge or justice of the peace might issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

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