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“ Privacy gives us an Sergey is a passionate technologist who has worked with technology teams across multiple product lines.He is driven by a desire to build products that are simple to use and that leverage latest technology tools to solve consumer pain points.In addition to the added protocol support, the updated firmware includes a few major performance and stability tweaks that will make capacitive " or "Digi Mag" but then started showing up all over the internet under various brand names, including Accu Remote, Shars and unbranded generic version.

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A few months ago I ordered a couple different lengths of each scale in order to test and reverse engineer the communication protocol, and finally was able to get to it over the holiday break.

In short, these scales would work very well for a budget build, but require different firmware to decode the position.

He has founded software, consumer gadget and gaming companies in the past.

He is passionate about building mission driven companies that help create a new normal by meaningfully impacting human lives. This is what makes us different, interesting and hence, human.

While at it, I decided to invest some more time into adding several other improvements that have been on my "to do" list for some time now.

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