Free private mobile sex cam chat rooms - South downs way accomidating

by  |  12-Sep-2019 00:31

Even took some of Sue's homemade jam back with us.

Whilst my legs are still sore from riding the South Downs Way earlier this month, I thought I would write a blog on my experience; Riding the South Downs (and ups) Way in two days. Getting there: I took the train from Milton Keynes Central to Euston.

Rode from Euston to Waterloo and got the train from Waterloo to Winchester.

Annoyingly I just missed it but it did allow me to experience the fine delicacies of Eastbourne (Subway)! Harder than the numbers portray but amazing scenery.

Again this was a train where bikes couldn't be booked on, which does create a slight sense of angst but no issues this time and on arriving into London I had to hot foot it from Victoria to Euston to catch the connecting train to Milton Keynes which I did. Maybe next time I will do it in one day or maybe a very relaxed 3. In the meantime, I've got some other bike-packing trips planned which I'm looking forward to sharing with you in due course.

We can't comment on the welcome but they certainly bent over backwards to accommodate us.

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