Speed dating canberra review

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However, the school room adjoins the Bond room and this is where the Academy of Temple 22 accommodate role-playing scenarios featuring plenty of discipline.

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Speed dating canberra review

And, in a perpetual circle of supply and demand, there is a vibrant and active culture for BDSM fans with several famous venues offering their services.

In this feature, we take a look at the BDSM dungeons available to hire in Sydney either with or without a professional as well as some other options of BDSM play.

With the closure of Salon Kitty’s in 2013, there are now just three main dungeons in Sydney that are open to the public for hire.

The details of these venues is described below along with contact information, opening hours and information about facilities.

As well as the usual ropes, whips, paddles, harnesses, hoods and gags, the door to the Black Dungeon is fitted with a peep-hole to allow voyeurs to witness your humiliation.

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