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Then maybe with a few drinks under his belt the pro will tell you the truth about any project. That’s right, one day I could write some pages feeling sick, almost too tired to care, where every word is a pain, and the next day I write a few more pages feeling good and the words flowing freely and a week later I won’t be able to tell which day was which from the writing. And I just laugh when a myth like this one attempts to lump all writers into the same boat and make us all write exactly the same way book after book after book.

How I feel when I write makes no difference to the quality of what I produce. No writer works the same, even from book to book or short story to short story.

The Patch has been ongoing for over 7 years so the full change log is massive: Community_Patch_Changelog The Community Patch requires the Ice and Blood expansion with at least official patch 2.65.1 OR Sacred 2 Gold.

The ZIP includes two files: which is used for installing the CM-Patch, and which removes it and restores your previous version of Ice & Blood.

Recently, we came across a conundrum concerning the computer game Sacred 2 running under Windows 7. It should be noted that the reason for this not working, has nothing to do with Nvidia / ATI Graphics cards, but it is related to Physx/Ageia.

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