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“They really don’t care about parents’ romantic life or social life.” And this can be to your benefit. No secrets If you tell them not to tell grandma or your ex about your “new friend,” you’re only setting them up for keeping secrets from you in the future, says Brankov.It’s better to assess the situation and just tell your ex before they do. Read more: Making it through your divorce How to be a good friend to a recently single Mom (or Dad!

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As parents we must be willing to have uncomfortable conversations with our kids about all the issues they are facing on a daily basis.

This past week I went away for an overnight trip with my youngest son.

I used a resource called “Passport to Purity” by Dennis and Barb Rainey.

With the help of this resource (cds and workbook) we probably spent about 6 hours talking about peer pressure, dating, sex, pornography, etc.

Passport to Purity is geared for kids who are between the ages of 10-14.

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