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The instruction booklet only has four stages: Baby, Child, Teenager, or Adult. you go from baby to child to teen to adult to OLDER ADULT. However, there is a fifth stage: the "Senior" Adult. ok well mines can go on the dating show but u can onli use it 2 times a dai and u hav to chose which one of ur adults gets to marry not all of them get married so u exacly hav to wait 2 dais no more no less and onli 2 times a dai hope i help =Dyou *****s! in the OLDER ADULT stage, you wait TWO days and then you can go on the dating show and get married. I'm sorry, on my last message, it blocked the words D-U-M-M-I-E-S and M-O-R-O-N-S.

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Tamagotchi v5 dating channel fun dating powered by vbulletin

'The Bachelor' is a television series in the United States.

It is a reality television show and is a dating game.

also, the parents only come to play golf, play shoe pairs, eat and give the new generation medicine.

6other tamas will run off with there spouses, and the two you have gotten married will evolve into "parent" form, instead of eventualy becoming seniors. they will hatch and you can use only the dating channel when you repeat this.

Please note that these cheats only work for the V5, they won't work on the V5.5 or Celebrity version.

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