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It is best for your partner to attend therapy and support groups with you, and to research all about your injury to better understand your needs.Knowledge and communication are the keys to adjusting to a new and equally as satisfying relationship norm.

Falls are one of the leading causes of TBI-related ED visits, hospitalizations, and deaths, and recent data shows that over half of fall-related TBIs were among the youngest (0-4 years) and oldest age groups (≥75 years).

Individuals who experience mild TBI are more likely to recover from their initial injury symptoms, although some individuals experience longer-term effects.

Both situations are complex and require the utmost care and patience.

It may be difficult, but dating and thriving in a committed relationship are both completely possible for people with brain injuries.

Individuals with a mild TBI generally experience short-term symptoms and feel better within a couple of weeks, whereas individuals with a moderate or severe TBI may have long-term or life-long effects from the injury.

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