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I think a lot of that heat is deserved in retrospect.I’m still skeptical of the poll, so this isn’t a full retraction: the practice of throwing a single unrelated question, without any forewarning, at the end of a lengthy series of questions about political candidates still strikes me as highly unreliable and likely to create confusion in a respondent.Finally, there were two crosstabs which I thought were kind of strange: I think the liberal Republican opposition to interracial marriage in Mississippi is due to small sample size and mistaken responses.

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They kept asking the question for 30 years, but dropped it in 2002.

Here’s the reason: By 2002 it was a consistent finding that less than 10% of Americans would accede to the proposition that interracial marriage should be legally banned.

Others pointed out that the high percentage of Mississippi Republicans who are over the age of 65 meant that about a third of Mississippi Republicans grew up at a time when interracial marriage was still prohibited.

Again, I’m still a bit skeptical of this poll’s results, and at a minimum I’d like to see some research into whether inserting an entirely random polling question at the end of a survey like that will affect how people respond, especially when you are dealing with an especially tedious robo-call.

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Teen interracial dating statistics poll

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