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A good number of the Thai Ladyboy you will meet will fall into one of two categories –pre-op and post-op.The pre-ops are those who have undergone some facial modification to make them look like females but are yet to get gender reassignment while the post-ops are those who have been totally transformed to females.

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* A Thai Ladyboy is usually too loud in a manner that is high-pitched especially when angry.

You could try to be naughty to see how your lady reacts to it if you are not sure whether you are dealing with a Thai Ladyboy.

Why western men prefer Thai Ladyboy to females Obviously, Thai Ladyboy understands what men want more than females because they have been men before – a female would only guess.

Also, they rarely get angry like females which make them easier to handle.

Most of such bars are concentrated in Bangkok's red light district – and there are three of such red light districts.

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