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The standard Command Field column control has been used in Details View to provide Edit - Update/Cancel buttons and that all wo...How do the different data presentation controls equate in

the detailsview detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which-55

How does Visual Studio create equivalents of the datagrid's and gridview's columns and rows?

I am assuming they make a Data Row for each of the rows. Is the table created by gridview basically a dataset from Thanks to everyone that has ever helped me with any posts.

There will be a image for CATEGORIES and linkbuttons with Subcategories.

If I put a datalist inside a datalist and a link button inside the second datalist visually it satisfies my need.

Item Updating through programmatic code in detailsview. I tried out some validation code with a customvalidator with the same controls outside a detailsview... When I click a button named btn Point, along that... Hi zhughes, You can implement "go to the next line by pressing the enter key". Details View Item Updated event doesn't fire Dear all I have a Details View defined in the ASPX, to which I assign an Object Data Source programmatically in the code-behind.

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