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Gordon, who owns a music school called “Rock’s Cool”, gave Tom a guitar when he was nine.

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That’s why I’ve been getting the ”gay question” ever since I turned 13, when I started giving interviews. I never felt like I owed any answers to anyone about it and it amuses me that they made such a big deal out of it. What I do know is that love is the one beautiful thing we can’t control. We don’t know where it comes from and we never know when it’s gonna hit us and that’s the beauty of it. I hope I find the magic, the type that heals what’s been broken and gives me wings.

I feel like it drives people nuts not to know if there is a woman or a man in my bed. I thought I was here to sing and perform for people? No one knows what’s gonna happen in the next minute, the next second. Maybe I’m just about to meet someone who changes my life forever and, if that happens, does it really matter what gender they are?

In early interviews he had said that he didn’t believe in true love, but in the recent past he has confessed that he may one day find his true love, and it certainly appears that he’s found her now.

In a previous interview on how he expected his perfect girl should be, his answer was, ‘She should be extremely spontaneous and fun.

Tokio Hotel’s first German album, “Schrei” was released in 2005, and sold in excess of half a million copies globally, and with four singles scored in the top five on the German and Austrian charts.

Tokio hotel dating quiz

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