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That’s why, in the October 1965 issue of article also noted: “If vegetables are something he can usually take or leave, surprise him with imaginative ones like peas dotted with tiny white onions or golden carrots with a dash of ginger.” We’re confused: Is this your husband or your son?

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And if you’re dating a single mom and find yourself growing jealous or competitive, examine the root of your feelings, and consider ending the relationship if that jealousy feels toxic.

“And since I’m the general manager of the team, I look out for all the team members.

A home economics textbook from the 1960s suggested that when your man came home, you should “have him lean back in a comfortable chair or suggest he lie down in the bedroom” and “have a cool warm drink ready for him.” He continued: “Sew him long Bermuda shorts in vibrant stripes that you can recognize three hundred yards away; embroider him a T-shirt with his club’s insignia; cut him an old-fashioned aviator’s cloth helmet to keep his hair out of his eyes. rub lanolin cream on his knee bumps.” Wow, that is Other great tidbits from the same article included things like, “Don’t drink too much, as a man expects you to keep your dignity all evening,” and “Do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure.” Here’s a great piece of dating advice from Betty Allen and Mitchell Pirie Briggs’ 1964 book : “Go slow on the telephone calls and such remarks as, ‘Where have you been all this time? Be a good companion, and he will come back for more on his own initiative.” Women who invited men to a show or concert in the ’50s were seen as far too forward. for an article in the May 1960 issue of about what her husband considered to be her “‘daring’ way of dressing” and “‘teasing’ behavior around men,” Adams’ advice was as follows: “To persist in mannerisms or actions distressing to your husband is to indulge yourself.

As Irene Pierson wrote in her 1956 advice book : “The girl should not buy tickets often.” “Of course sex is natural. But would you sit down at the dinner table and pull the leg off a turkey or scoop up the mashed potatoes with your hands? “Would you grab the fresh rolls off a bakery counter and stuff them into your mouth? He will love you for it, and, you know, it will make you feel extremely feminine.” Nowadays, women have the choice to work (and many do). “Psychological and emotional benefits and hazards must be considered, from the point of view of both husband and wife,” wrote Clifford R. It reflects lack of consideration and suggests disrespect.

Relationship-building is a natural process and there’s no set timeline for when you should or shouldn’t meet a romantic partner’s children. Whatever the case, most single mothers would rather know from the start.

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