Trend micro clients not updating

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If the Office Scan server is unable to successfully send an update notification to clients after it downloads components, it automatically resends the notification after 15 minutes.

The server continues to send update notifications up to a maximum of five times until the client responds.

DLL Tm x500Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web\CGI\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- cgi Export SSO_5.0.0.2270 Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\CGI\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- cgi Auth cgi Show Client cgi Show cgi Web cgi Cmd SSO_5.0.0.2270 Trend Apr Wrapper cgi Web Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\HTML\Auth\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- admin_account_Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\HTML\behavior_monitoring\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- bm_Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\HTML\Client Install\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- agent_Win Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\HTML\clientmag\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- client_list_2client_ofsc_client_Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\HTML\common\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- menu_Office Scan\PCCSRV\Web_OSCE\Web_console\Remote Install CGI\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- Office Scan\PCCSRV\WSS\ ------------------------------------------------------------------- cert5ciuas321.0.0.2075 ciussi322.0.0.2074 PATCHW32. Network Traffic Required in Deployment Estimated size (in terms of bandwidth) of deployed agent files in this hot fix.

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Tit girls - Trend micro clients not updating

If the fifth attempt is unsuccessful, the server stops sending notifications.

If you select the option to update components when clients restart and then connect to the server, component update will still proceed.

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October 03, 2017 Trend Micro™ Office Scan™ XG Patch 1 Critical Patch R1 - Server Build 1737 and Agent Module Build 1612 Note: This Critical Patch R1 fixed Office Scan (OSCE) XG Critical Patch 1737 caused OSCE agent keep switching scan methods between Conventional Scan and Smart Scan.

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