Two geminis dating each other

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All these very successful pairs are never told that they can make it according to generic astrology advice.

Over the years, I have tried to find and note the apparently mismatched astrological pairs who somehow made it.

I mean, how many successful relationships have you seen where the couple’s zodiac signs are considered incompatible? This led me to realize that there are certain horoscope pairs who should date each other, even though it’s not written in the stars.

In terms of their personalities, Taurus and Sagittarius seem almost opposite to each other.

Taurus loves its security but Sag constantly tries to get out of its comfort zone and explore new horizons.

Also, many people can get tired of Gemini’s many faces and childlike behaviors. In fact, many Cancers feel protective of their Geminis and can lash out at you if you dare say anything against their beloved.

So these two should definitely give each other a chance.

Scorpio’s are more about their emotional intensity, but Leos actually like that about the Scorpios.

Two geminis dating each other

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