Typical dating timeline

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They don’t discuss highly-charged personal matters such as their fears, anxieties, or fantasies,” declare social psychologists Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese in “It’s okay for you to talk about your ex on the first date,” Quiambao counsels those who want to get the ex talk out of the way early on. Just be honest about where you’re coming from and then move on to other topics.You can discuss the ex at length—if you choose to—later on in the relationship.” WHEN DO YOU GIVE EACH OTHER CUTESY NICKNAMES?

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“You could wait until you’ve been a couple for six months before you formally introduce your partner to your friend,” he says.

“It’s best to do it when you’re already a solid couple.

Many women conduct a poll among their friends to ask, “?

” Though we’d all like to take action when our hearts tell us to, there are instances when the things we do or don’t do kill the relationship’s momentum.

Dealing with your respective friends’ initial impressions of you and your guy could only place unnecessary strain on the relationship,” agrees actress-turned-psychologist Tetchie Agbayani, 46. 4 MONTHS Cosmo Chick Consensus: “I talk about my exes on first dates.

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