Unhandled exceptionupdating material

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How do you set them up so realistic, and most importantly from taking settings? work_id=42519 (if you are, Of course, not against the reference to the resource).

Or just memorize all the values ​​from the other scenes (such as downloaded - arkinteriors from evermoshon? Actually, the question is this: We need to create material for v-ray, simulating a printed image on the metallized film (Example - a label on metal): The enclosure can be seen that the blue background is printed on the metal without podkladyvaniem whitewash. But in my case, it is necessary to make a metallized not some one solid color and some bitmap mask. Being a complete zero in materials ask for advice - how to create a facade of plaster material. In general - you could not tell how about this could be done and in what direction to dig (look there, draw, take photographs, etc.

I understand that the material makes the material particularly reflection and glare, so trying to arrange the lights that they have corrected the situation. That now looks like a picture without finishing in Photoshop: Here is a screenshot of the scene and the setting of the material: I need a plastic like this: I'm just not sure what to make of reflection? Just curious to know how the others, because the novice is difficult to remember all the materials settings (blend, falloff, noise, 2side).

I look floor materials and wallpapers - this is not just some diffyuz, Reflect and bump.

The purpose is to put this texture on a object that is sitting on a light source (vraylight material is used) and show the light correctly like the light gets threw the tiny holes of the material. If you are happy with everything in the interface, it is better not to change in this field, there is nothing.

Unhandled exceptionupdating material

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