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If you are able to go to a sunnier place during Spring Break, take the opportunity to do so.The stress can tend to add up when you're sitting inside all day because it's too cold out and haven't seen sunlight for some time.

The professors can either be a hit or miss, but when they are a hit, they deliver a great education.

One of the main things I think for prospective students to consider is the weather.

From 1837 to 1901, Queen Victoria ruled a British Empire that grew to span a quarter of the globe and include some 450 million people.

The IA Program provides training and informational benefits to participating companies and allows the Institute to learn more about industry needs and concerns.

About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for a bottom guy. Prefer smooth or more feminine guys but not a deal breaker. I am still in the closet and trying to find the key. VERY active, physically, in the past - I’ve just recently slowed down.

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