Updating a 1960 ranch home speed dating minneapolis aloft hotel

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This is the perfect place for barbecues, morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a nice glass of wine of an evening.

Image courtesy of HDGermany Photos Garden Landscaping Ideas Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers when you are sitting on your front porch.

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This house has a wide range of different colored shrubs to add color to his front yard.

You could add a few colorful flowers to the gardens for a touch of color in the spring. Com If your family likes to spend lots of time in the great outdoors, why not build a nice patio in your backyard.

Not only does this look amazing on its own, but using layers like this give the garden an illusion of depth.

Image courtesy of Pinterest This homeowner started with a red gravel driveway instead of cement or tar then created gardens that were curved to match the path going to the front door.

The small garden incorporates room for the trees and separates the lawn from the porch.

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