Updating air force education records nia peeples dating

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"For example, course completion update actions, such as the recent graduation for both Air War College and Air Command and Staff College students and the recent Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard lieutenant colonels board, were achieved," he said.

Updating air force education records

In this case, the BCMR process can be initiated due to a disagreement in the records.

-- Air University officials here are reporting some progress in the rebuilding of a computer system that processes a large piece of Air Force education after it crashed in mid-May.

All Airmen -- regular Air Force, Reserve and ANG -- with questions about the status of their personnel records can contact the Total Force Service Center at 1-800-525-0102.

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Air Force civilian employees who wish to update education information in their civilian personnel records have a new, easier way to do so: through the "My Biz" Web site.

Registrar officials ask Airmen to contact their TCF specialists for testing updates and guidance if they are enrolled in the following courses: Squadron Officer College Course 20 and Course 28; any enlisted professional military education; CDCs; and any specialized courses.

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