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The UUID seems to be unique at the beginning and only has 0 after the second line.example (modified, not the original): UUID: Is that fine? What I meant was, you need to make a FPT backup first (-bios -d -biosreg.bin) and modify that, then flash it back using the command you used (Not now, too late now/doesn't matter).

Sorry for the question, but still afraid :)OT: Whats the sense of Dual BIOS when the developer did not include an official way to access? Otherwise if you flash with stock BIOS you loose all board specific details that are stored in padding files, the main NVRAM will be blanked and overwritten with generic stock data, and usually an entire second NVRAM Volume within the BIOS region will be missing too.

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if yes, then your model is affected too and you will have to try lordkag's fix. If you want to know how to do that, let me know and I will get your BIOS and show you the way In general, this is the way, but if you need me to help you get all the needed specifics to use for that method I can do for you (Find ME version, so you get correct FPT to use, find what your BIOS needs efi file named to, and get you the BIOS and SMI lock variables.)I took the latest official bios (H37MIA3.00) and updated microcode (no other edits) to it with UBU, saved as 'mod_H37MIA3.00', renamed back to 'H37MIA3.00' and tried to flash it and got that error.

I just tried the same without any edits - and I got the secure flash check error also.

There is no built in BIOS flashing app, we're being stopped by security error when trying to flash via AFUWin GIx64 included in the stock packages, with mod BIOS only. Thats pretty much detailed as I can : DThe tools did not report any errors.

I rebooted the PC and my change (updated u Code) seems to work: 906EA AAChecked in the BIOS itself and with HWi NFO.

Then here:[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOSwas mentioned "Update 3: Beginning with Intel 300-Series chipset mainboards ASRock has changed their BIOS protection again..." so I just wanted to test if my H370M-ITX/ac is affected also, and it is.

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