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I'll have to find other ways of handling a couple of the accessory functions (password manager for example) but that's OK.

I may or may not keep MB, depending on what I can learn and on what develops in the meantime.

If I remember correctly it didn't crash my computer but more or less stopped it from working.

updating bios on dell-68

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The MB folks got it sorted out within a few hours and I was then able to update the MB installation and carry on. Hi, every developer of third party AV's tells you how well integrated into the system it is.. Malwarebytes uses technology developed some time ago and now superseded by MS, it does promote itself as a total protection suite, and you have no choice, the full version is downloaded and you have to opt out of it, after a period of time, to continue to use the free version.(which is only an malware detection and removal util) The fact is MS offer a better developed protection suite, the argument that somebody has used such and such for years without problems, can also apply to the millions who use defender without problems.

The spring update contains new security features and will increasingly make third party AV's less attractive, and users will begin to learn they don't need them.

I found in Windows/system32/drivers; it bears today's date.

There was a problem with a Malwarebytes update some time last year, I think, there was some kind of mistake in it.

Scenario: Dell XPS 8700, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, fully updated. After backing up all data and imaging the system, etc., I went to the Dell support site. EDIT - this situation is still unchangd 12 hours later. According to the Dell support page instructions, those files are specifically designed to operate in a Windows/DOS environment. Should I suppose that all those drivers did not install yesterday because they were already installed?

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