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If you want to use a service that connects into your home system remotely, you can use the next best thing to a fixed IP address - a service like Dyn DNS.With Dyn DNS, you sign up for a free account and create a free unique 'hostname', such as myname.Examples include: For these to work, the remote service needs to know the IP address that's been assigned to your Home Hub, so that the service can find you over the Internet.

Onc this is done, set up the remote service to point to your Dyn DNS hostname address, and it will be able to redirect the service to your Home Hub's current IP address.

To set up Dyn DNS on your BT Home Hub, log in to the Home Hub, go to Advanced, then select 'Dynamic DNS' and enter the account details for your Dyn DNS account.

WPA2 (and its predecessor WPA) were developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, of which BT is a member.

When buying a product with wi-fi, look for Wi-Fi Certification, which means it has WPA2 security as standard.

Also note that you may need to use something called Port Forwarding on the Home Hib, to allow the remote service to get through the Home Hub's Firewall.

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