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by  |  22-Apr-2019 00:44

Without some form of unique identifier managing inventory at the supermarket would be a logistical nightmare. A barcode is used to electronically identify a product using an optical machine reader. The vast majority software publishers also use a SKU to identify product variants.

Updating catalogs symantec backup exec

Browse any supermarket around the world and you are likely to find a section of the store dedicated to Coca-Cola and its fizzy drink competitors.

Coca-Cola is produced in a myriad of flavours (Diet, regular, cherry, zero…) and a variety of sizes (cans, big bottles, little bottles, value packs…) suited to customer requirements.

What do people mean when they refer to a ‘SKU Catalogue’ for license management?

In this article I hope to demonstrate why organizations utilise SKU catalogues, the difference between SKU catalogues and software recognition and the business value to SAM practitioners.

The SKU catalogue is the lynchpin and translator between the different complex languages of configuration management, product terminology and procurement.

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