Amputee dating new york - Updating cells based selection drop down list data validation

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Note: if you don't want users to access the items on Sheet2, you can hide Sheet2.

To achieve this, right click on the sheet tab of Sheet2 and click on Hide.

The functions are IF logical function, Unique and Query Function. You should understand what I meant by saying auto-populate information based on drop-down selection. Before starting, I want to make clear few more things. Similar to read: How to Properly Hide Sheet Tabs in Google Sheets.

If you just want to display any single value corresponding to your selection, you can skip this tutorial because for that you can use Vlookup or Hlookup functions. How to Use Vlook and Hlookup in Google Sheets When you want to make a calculation based on a drop-down selection, the best way is to use SUMIF function in Google Sheets. Create a Unit Calculator Using Google Sheets Now back to the tutorial. Inside the Team Members sheet, type the information as below.

You can also use a formula that updates your drop-down list automatically when you add an item to the end of the list.

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