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by  |  27-Apr-2019 09:41

The same firmware is used with all versions of the WRT54G router but it's still important to select the right section on the download page before you select Download to get the firmware.

For example, if you have a version 2.0 router, choose Hardware version 2.0 on the download page.

updating firmware wrt54g-58

The router doesn't need to be reset to find its IP address.

Assuming the Linksys WRT54G has been working as your router, you probably have several devices that are connected to it.

This has been verified with a Cisco 7940 running SIP 6.3 and with X-Lite.

Updating to the latest firmware will fix the problem.

Some years old posts found around the Net suggest there was an update, but all links are now dead. For some reason I could read the directory of that ftp server but downloading was impossible, however knowing the name of the file was enough to find it elsewhere.

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