Updating garmin nuvi 750

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Asus maintains central support areas for hardware component features common to all products, those areas usually have the latest drivers after new hardware releases, sometimes there is a lag before the newer drivers show up there, so still to new product releases support downloads for the latest drivers.

Asus G751 Support / Download areas - Asus hasn't updated all the versions of these support areas, this link discusses the 3 locations were started independantly and not sync'd/updated through to the latest driver releases - check them all to be sure.

You didn't mention what G750 you have, I have a G750JH.

Here is the list of places I look for updates for my G750JH; the best way to get a stable fully functioning G750/G751 is to update all the drivers / apps to the latest Windows 8.1 release.

Expert GPS is GPS map software for your Windows computer, tablet, or laptop.

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