Updating gcc mac

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To customize your installation you should read the output of “” and pass the appropriate options for the settings you wish to tweak to the configuration script in the steps detailed above.

You will need to manually adapt your shell's environment to work with Mac Ports and your chosen installation ” at the command line prompt and/or browse over to our Guide to find out more information about using Mac Ports. If you are developer or a user with a taste for the bleeding edge and wish for the latest changes and feature additions, you may acquire the Mac Ports sources through git. Purpose-specific branches are also available at the url.

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The full list of requirements to run Mac Ports on these other platforms is as follows (we assume you have the basics such as GCC and X11): Normally you must install from source or from an git checkout to run Mac Ports on any of these platforms.

Help on a wide variety of topics is also available in the project Guide and through our Trac portal should you run into any problems installing and/or using Mac Ports.

Running on platforms other than mac OS is not the main focus of The Mac Ports Project, so remaining cross-platform is not an actively-pursued development goal.

Nevertheless, it is not an actively-discouraged goal either and as a result some experimental support does exist for other POSIX-compliant platforms such as *BSD and GNU/Linux.

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