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try again later" rather than "would you like to download the latest version?

"It also seems odd that i Tunes did not see this issue and simply reported that 9.3.5 was "current" with no further options or warnings.

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Tap on the arrow at the far right on that i OS 10.x.x panel. Before my original posting, I had looked for an apparent 10.2.1 update download to delete it, but it was not displaying on the list ...

It will bring you to another screen that will allowing you to completely delete/remove the entire i OS upgrade/update. at least near the top of the memory use list as most i OS updates normally would.

did Apple make a mistake including i Pad 4th Gen in the list for i OS 10 or possibly remove the update support after the initial announcement? In the right hand column, tap Storage and i Cloud Usage.

Make sure you don't have the i OS 10 upgrade listed in your software update on your i Pad. At the top in the first block of 3 panels where it is titled at the top of this block Storage, tap the panel that says Manage Storage. Once this list stops generating, look through this list until you see something like i OS 10.x.x in this list.

The third-generation i Pod was released in 2004 and was an upgrade to the previous generation i Pods, as the click wheel was replaced with a touch wheel.

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