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She says there should really only be ONE busy pattern in a kitchen. If ​your are updating your backsplash, you've really only got one option when working with Bossy Granite- a While we are talking about backsplashes. It looks wrong to install a back splash on top of that. As a matter of fact- I broke all my own rules before I had any rules.

If you've got granite with multiple colors and movement- That's your ONE pattern. If your granite was installed with the 5" granite backsplash on the wall-that's it.

You should write its exact location (think “above sink, left”) so there’ll be no guessing where it goes later.

Then stash screws and hinges in a jar for safekeeping.

"Even if it wasn't super obvious when the wood was just stained, it's going to be more evident once the paint dries." You can fill the grain with putty, but that can be time-intensive and challenging to get just right."This isn't a lazy Sunday project," says Sherry Petersik, who, along with her husband, chronicled kitchen painting projects on her popular blog Young House Love.

She says people often think it's a weekend job, but it takes four to seven days when you build in the proper prep time (and snack breaks, of course).

Sometimes, it just takes a little vision and some new accessories to make your kitchen feel like new again.

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