Updating knob and tube wiring

by  |  23-Aug-2019 17:34

Room by room, I am replacing the existing wiring with modern Romex, and adding new receptacles and lights where they are needed.

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Knob and Tube wiring uses two wires, one “hot” wire and another neutral wire.

The unsafe thing about knob and tube wiring is that there is no ground wire, which reduces the risk of electrocution and fire by dispelling excess electrical charges in the event of a short.

This then leads to insurance companies refusing to insure your home if you have knob and tube wiring.

Colman Electric can help you solve this problem, by coming in and removing the old wiring, followed by updating the wires in your home!

Federal Breakers are circuit breakers which were installed in many homes up until the 1980’s.

Updating knob and tube wiring

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