Cyber sex bot - Updating my motherboard

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This will make it easier to find when you’re looking for it later, and please remember not to rename the file at all or your PC will get confused.

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While this process varies by manufacturer, this should be easy enough to locate from your search engine of choice with the above motherboard information.

With the latest BIOS downloaded, extract the file as required and copy it onto the root directory (not in a separate folder) of your USB stick.

While a BIOS update is easier and more reliable than ever, if your system suffers a sudden loss of power midway through the process it could be lights out for your gaming PC. Also note down any BIOS settings or overclocking values before undertaking the following update process as these will be wiped during the installation.

Depending on whether you bleed red or blue, AMD or Intel, the BIOS update process may vary.

All you need for the process is an internet connection, a USB stick, and 10 minutes to spare.

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