Sexy girl chat without signup - Updating pivot tables with new data

by  |  03-Jul-2019 21:43

Before we do, let’s go to the Procedure drop-down menu on the right and choose Change.

This adds a new event at the top called Worksheet_Change.

In the VB editor, you can click on the gray column just to the left of your Worksheet_Change macro. You can then press to run to the end (or next breakpoint).

If you make a change to the worksheet and Excel doesn’t pull you into the VB Editor, you know there is a problem with the macro not running.

Since we only want the code to run when the user edits/changes cells , we use the Change event.

Checkout my article on VBA Code Modules & How to Run Macros Based on User Events to learn more about the sheet modules and events.

The keyboard shortcut for opening the Visual Basic editor is .

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