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By the time RHEL 6 was released, many features from Fedora 13 and 14 had already been backported into it.The Fedora Project lists the following lineages for older Red Hat Enterprise releases: (Note about Fedora Core 1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3: Red Hat released Red Hat Linux 10 beta 1, then took two forks from that codebase to seed both Fedora Core 1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 beta releases.RHEL trees are forked off the Fedora repository, and released after a substantial stabilization and quality assurance effort.

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Fedora is a general purpose system that gives Red Hat and the rest of its contributor community the chance to innovate rapidly with new technologies.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a commercial enterprise operating system and has its own set of test phases including alpha and beta releases which are separate and distinct from Fedora development.

It was based on Red Hat Linux, but used a much more conservative release cycle.

Later versions included technologies from the Red Hat–sponsored Fedora community distribution project.

The Fedora project provides the following explanation: Both Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are open source.

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