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This time period focused on the development of our mobile app called Rep Link, which is served by the RPMSCloud API.

The docker way is not anymore running "zypper update" in the containment but to update the whole image in the image registry (hub docker if we are talking about public registry) and then pull the image update from there, stop the outdated containments and replace them by starting new containments based on the new image.

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(BTW, if any body knows an alternative way to do it without updating samba, I'm all ears!

) I am not all that comfortable building from source, and after of googling (no, I do not have a red hat subscription, so I cannot just run the up2date command), I found a whole bunch of rpms on (Samba 3.2.15 for RHEL 4)...

This tutorial will help you find the answer of how to exclude packages from the yum update? For example, below command will update all packages except kernel and php.

In addition, You can also add entries in /etc/to disable packages updates permanently.

Individual features were released as they were finished, from November of 2000 through October of 2003.

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