Updating scott 350 tuner

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To use this tool: Name: hcw_circonfig_tool_1.2.28165Name: 322KB Name: 6/16/2010 Microsoft has released Windows Media Center patches for the "Low bit rate" error message. The following Wiun TV-HVR and Win TV-DCR modela can be used with Windows Media Center: All Win TV-HVR models are Media Center compatible, including the Win TV-HVR-955Q, Win TV-HVR-2255, Win TV-HVR-1265 and the Win TV-HVR-930C.

The Win TV-dual HD and Win TV-solo HD Win TV-DCR-2650 and Win TV-DCR-3250 For Europe, any version of Win TV-HVR-930, Win TV-HVR-1100, Win TV-HVR-1200 and Win TV-HVR-2205.

If you do not see "Analog TV tuner" listed, see the next FAQ item for more information.

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These programs allow you to have similar Media Center functions.

If you simply want to watch TV, the Hauppauge Win TV v8 application can be used.

If the device does not get detected or fails to install, try a different USB port(s) on the PC or refer directly to Microsoft.

Also try installing Microsoft's "Rollup Update 2" No.

But if you are building a new PC, Microsoft requires an approved DVD decoder to be installed on any MCE system with a TV tuner in order to view TV.

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