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It consists of three services: Advancing strategic internationalization at HEIs (for HEIs) Facilitating individual learning for internationalization for HEIs and individuals working at HEIs.

It consists of two main strands of service: IAU aims to expand the range of learning opportunities available to individuals, and to offer to all individuals at HEIs the opportunity to access its programs.

In October 2018 the first ISAS (2.0) webinars took place.

Internationalization of higher education is an inevitable process in the era of globalization and a deliberate strategy for improving quality and relevance.

IAU focuses on the academic rationales, the equitable and collaborative nature of the process and aims to minimize the adverse effects of international interactions when these take place in highly unequal and diverse contexts among HEIs with different, resources, needs and interests.

The Global Survey reports have become a invaluable resource for anyone working on or interested in internationalization of higher education.

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