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My SQL is rather rusty, and my colleague told me something was up with it but didn't tell me what! What is the best practice when updating a column for multiple values?

The only thing that comes to mind is I have not referred to the Table.

Knowing that esql Sales Person was originally populated by information from Sales we use knowledge to set up a query that pumps data from v Sales Person into esql Sales Person.

This is possible since the sales person’s full name is common to both tables. The OUTPUT clause is used to log changes made to rows affect by an UPDATE statement.

When SET ANSI_PADDING OFF then CHAR data types are padded with spaces, VARCHAR data types have trailing spaces removed, and VARBINARY have trailing zeros removed.

For instance, if a field is defined as CHAR(10) and you update the value ‘Kris’ into this column, then it will be padded with six spaces.

Though this article uses the Adventure Works database for its examples, I’ve decided to create an example table for use within the database to help better illustrate the examples. The SQL UPDATE statement is used to change column values.

Updating values in sql

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