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by  |  08-Sep-2019 11:51

Palm has released a highly-anticipated ROM update for its Life Drive mobile manager.

This makes a number of improvements to the device, including enhancing its Wi Fi functionality and making its file system more stable.

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Updating versamail

Instead, Palm chose to wait until the autumn release slot to offer a Tungsten with a bigger, i Paq-beating screen.

The result is the Tungsten T3, which not only provides a larger display - 320 x 480 now - but revamps the T series into the bargain.

It's the upgrade the T2 should have been but wasn't. Both are compact, metal-shelled devices designed for easy information look-up, but slide open to reveal a text-entry area.

Alas, even closed, T family members aren't much shorter than the older m500 and V series devices, but they do feel more compact than their Pocket PC rivals.

It's a good idea, and one that will make the T5 easier to use for the less technically-minded.

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