Validating a buisness in saint grenadines

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20 Points To Consider • Microsoft's CSP Ecosystem: A Guide to the Players • Q&A with Microsoft's John Case: All About the CSP • Microsoft Extends CSP to Dynamics CRM: A Partner's Perspective • Microsoft Takes Surface and Its Cloud Mainstream at WPC 2015 • Microsoft CSP: 2-Tier Distributor Directory Implied in that definition are some of the key elements that partners have been asking for from Microsoft for years.

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Second, partners who can control the billing can bundle the Office 365 or Dynamics CRM Online price in with the rest of their own services and resale services.

That gives the customer the simplicity of a single bill to pay, and a single throat to choke, and gives the partner control over margin.

They in turn work with the bulk of Microsoft partners, who are the 2-Tier resellers.

Depending on a given cloud distributor's offering, those resellers may still have control over customer billing and may also be able to outsource white-labeled support services to the distributor.

Microsoft executives expect the growth for CSP, in both partner participation and in revenues, to rapidly outpace growth in the older Advisor and Open cloud programs.

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