Validating dates with comparevalidator in 2 0 nzdating voucher code

by  |  13-Apr-2019 08:21

Control To Evaluate = Text Box1 I had a similar requirement.I wanted to create a composite control with 2 dropdown lists, one containing possible hour values 00-23 and the other possible minute values 00-59.

But users of a web application may be around the world and since database can accept many date format, so are there any ways to let Compare Validator accept many data formats at one time?

Since you are permitting the user to edit the input textbox, you should first validate each input in the text box as a valid date string by using Compare Validator.

(tbx1 in uc1; tbx2 in uc2) I now need a Compare Validator to check that the date in tbx2 the date in tbx1.

Where do I set the Compare Validator, on the page or inside one of the usercontrols?

I also discovered that I can do this with a Custom Validator, within which I simply use Date Time.

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