Validating restaurant service quality dimensions

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In the area of retail market, only few researches (Finn and Lamb 1991, Dabholkar et al.

1996, Mehta 2000) have tried to measure the quality of retail service.

Cronin and Taylor (1992) argued that using the difference score between expectation and performance in SERVQUAL may not be appropriate and they have developed a new instrument, which is called SERVPERF, to measure service quality based only on customer perception of performance.

After many studies have examined the suitability of SERVQUAL in measuring service quality in different types of service, they tried to adapt the original 22 SERVQUAL items to various service contexts by slightly changing the original items.

Dabholkar’s study (1996) concluded that there are 5 underlying dimensions of service quality in a retail environment such as physical aspects, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving, and policy.

Validating restaurant service quality dimensions

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