alexander skarsgard dating true blood costar - Validating soap message against xml schema

by  |  27-Jun-2019 16:02

That said, if you really need to do this, then you should look at the example of a Soap Extension class.

For more details on importing WSDL files, see the A portion of the XML message can be extracted using an XPath expression.

The API Gateway can then validate this portion against the specified XML Schema.

Then, I recommend you create a new version of the example, and make it do what you want.

What you want is to modify the Write Input and/or Write Output methods to validate your XML using one of the available methods, perhaps by configuring an Xml Reader to do the validation and to read from the input stream; and configuring an Xml Write to write to the output stream; and then running a loop to read from the input and write to the output.

I been having the same problem myself, the answer is that its possible to do this without needing to manually validate all the fields (which is error prone, plus since you have the schema already you may as well make use of it). Basically, the process to follow is to first read the original Request.

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