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However, in some cases, you might want your stored procedure to be more isolated.For example, if your stored procedure sets a session-level variable, you might not want the session-level variable to influence future statements outside your stored procedure.It is too easy to end up with a morass of extremely complicated code that is difficult to get working correctly even with extensive testing, and it can furthermore be quite challenging to maintain it in production.

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Validating sql stored procedures functions views

The other variables (e.g., When calling, using, and getting values back from stored procedures, you often need to convert from a Snowflake SQL data type to a Java Script data type or vice versa. Not all Snowflake SQL data types have a corresponding Java Script data type.

For example, Java Script does not directly support the INTEGER or NUMBER data types.

This API is similar to, but not identical to, the APIs in Snowflake connectors and drivers (Node.js, JDBC, Python, etc.): , which is a special object that exists without being declared.

The object is provided inside the context of each stored procedure and exposes the API to allow you to interact with the server.

(Owner’s rights stored procedures are not permitted to change session state.) The creator of the stored procedure chooses at creation time whether to make the stored procedure an owner’s rights stored procedure or a caller’s rights stored procedure. The remainder of this section provides more details about how caller’s rights stored procedures can read and write the caller’s session-level variables.

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