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About Guys I Want To Meet: I have to admit I like strong looking muscular guy after that it s all about connection.I m looking for 1) Friend 2) gym partner 3) People to go out at the movie or eating out downtown.Chat rooms for singles are extremely hard to come by.

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About Me: I'm a guy who likes art and sports; geek for fine art and illustration, books, music. About Guys I Want To Meet: in shape dude , be honnest , be yourself, j aime bien les personens en shape qui vont au gym et qui sont sincere , honnetes , soyez vous même , be real no fake profile please more pic in private soon ... There's the occasional cry, and that too is healthy apparently.

I love to swim and I'm really into calisthenic workouts. Getting older as a single gay guy comes with its set of challenges, but I remind myself that it's healthy to step out of my c...

Staying on subject when using our singles chat will become very helpful to you.

If you enter a conversation with others, don’t take up all of the space.

Many of the chat sites for singles on the internet allow you to send messages to other users, but very few of them allow you to instantly chat with them.

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