Real life sex cam com - Vista not updating gets stuck

by  |  01-Apr-2019 23:38

This was a common problem in Windows Vista and earlier, but fewer people see this issue in Windows 10/8/7!

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It is a different thing to find that Windows Updates fail to download or install in Windows.

But what can you do if Windows Update or Microsoft Update itself does not work, is stuck checking, or the Windows Update or Microsoft Update page that you open comes out blank.

This update system, which is in place on both Windows 7 and Vista, usually works flawlessly-- unless the updates get stuck. If Windows continually tries to install updates when you shut down and then configure them for several minutes when you power your system on, the update is more than likely stuck.

The familiar blue screen appears with a notice stating, "Configuring Windows updates 0% complete.

Do remember to create a system restore point first.

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