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The data is processed immediately by the BOM and passed through to our various products. Our meteorologists regularly review the forecast and can update it at anytime. Currently (8.57pm) weatherzone 16.9, BOM 8.45pm 16.8 (as is BOM sourced app). Are the 7 day forecast temperatures specific to Noarlunga? A little more work on the radar, to get it larger and improve the zoom and it will be perfect. looks pretty main suggestion is that you work on the widget.

Once updated it is then immediately available to our websites and apps. The more customisable you make it, the more popular your app will be in my view.

Would be good if there was a paid (non ad) version. I found myself don't necessarily need to get the current temperature all the time but refer to weather forecast more often to plan my week. Might be pertinent to remove the current obs data if its more than 30mins old to avoid confusion.

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We have launched a new free weather app from Weatherzone and thought the Android community here might be interested.

Data is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology and reviewed by our team of Meteorologists. If you could add a decent clock to it I would be interested in sticking it on my home screen.

Hi All, Yes we had a problem with data supply on the weekend but that should be fixed now.

We released an urgent bug fix release on Saturday that enabled the app to display Observations or Forecast data if the other wasn't available.

It would be much better if this all happened without interrupting the ui. Cheers, Ian @daverose79 – I am pretty sure that it is a limitation of Android that it wont allow developers to make their app "movable" to SD Card and also allow widgets to work. For instance, the most popular widget app in the world "Beautiful Widgets" does the same thing...

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