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A hint of an accent, but still I scratched off my guess that she doesn't speak English well. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you from southeast Asia? Ever since that afternoon, she'd made it a habit to come hang out with me every weekend on that balcony. It's really stifling hot inside," she asked me, no trace of shyness. There was silence for a beat, and I broke it."I sort of made deductions. Mostly, I was looking for variety."I didn't know what she meant, but she prevented me from asking more when she suddenly spoke."I know what the people here say about me. "I know they think Kurt bought me from my homeland," she opened her eyes and looked at me, holding my gaze. I sputtered a little before admitting I was curious. Somehow, I felt like she became more of a mystery after talking to me that afternoon.I was coming home from work around 5pm when Kurt got out of the elevator just several minutes after I did, and walked to his apartment. Girls from third world countries always think we're all loaded here."I didn't answer, although I kinda wanna agree with him, about the age part. She always excused herself whenever we hear his car pulling in."I am morbidly curious about snow. And I've always wanted to experience living somewhere cold," she stated one very hot afternoon.

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I didn't want to risk putting Lia in any more danger but I was also afraid calling the cops on Kurt might put her in danger as well. It's not my business, it's not my place to meddle, I chanted to myself repeatedly, the only thing I thought to assuage my guilt over not interfering. I was first woken up by the warm weight pressing on my abdomen.

That night, I heard sounds of intense arguing again. It was dark in my room, but I could see the silhouette sitting on top of me, the side of her face visible from the street light close to my window. In the shadows, the enigma I always felt around her was ever more present.

We stared at each other for a beat, a thousand questions running through my mind. but before I could ask anything she leaned close and started kissing me.

I felt the strangest sensation as soon as I tasted her tongue. Lia Her message didn't make sense at first but after rereading it several times, it gave me the sinking feeling that this is her suicide note.

There was lust, of course, but another thing I couldn't quite put my finger on. She gave me a sad little smile."I really like you, Rob."I woke up with a start, sweaty and panting like a dog, as if I've been running. I dreaded going out there only to find them carrying her lifeless body.

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