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After the first song, I undid the knit top to the navel and kicked off my sandals to make it easier to dance.As I danced the second song, I slowly undid one button of my skirt at a time until only the two at the belt level held it on me.

A pretty Mexican girl with large breasts had been dancing when I made my way to the change room.

When she finished a few minutes later, the manager announced that an amateur was about to dance and I took the announcement as my cue to head for the stage.

Removing the bra only took about 20 seconds so I used the rest of the time to freshen my make up and put on some bright red lipstick and dark eye liner.

Even though my nipples were standing out from sheer erotic anticipation, I pinched them hard so they would be pink and stand out through my thin dress when I went on stage.

I did an enthusiastic dance and the crowd responded with loud applause.

Webcam sex in tijuana

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